Let's Color Us Some Pasta!

We have used this plain colored macaroni pasta in many of our sensory bins and wanted to add some color.  We were inspired byToddlerTeachingThemes.com at http://toddlerteachingthemes.com/macaroni-necklaces/ where they use hand sanitizer to make the colors more vibrant.  We had read this before, but were not sure of the ratios.
 So we divided up our pasta into 4 ziplock baggies as we were using 4 neon colors.
 We had at least 4 cups of pasta per bag so we added 20 squirts of hand sanitizer.
 We then added color with the ratios from ToddlerTeachingThemes but decided we needed more color.  I'd say we added ~30 pinches of color. (remember we had 4 cups of pasta so your ratio for 1 cup is roughly 5 squirts hand sanitizer and 6 squeezes of color.)
 The kids loved mixing the bags.
 And here are our bags after about 10 minutes of mixing.
 We laid our pasta out to dry on cookie sheets.
 After the pasta was completely dry, we added it to our sensory bin.
The kids couldn't get enough!  We had so much fun!
We also colored rice following the same direction as above.

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