Our Classroom

WELCOME TO LIL' SCHOLARS UNIVERSITY AND OUR LEARNING WONDERLAND!  This is where all of our creativity and learning comes to life.  

We have many learning areas within our classroom!  Our favorite is our Circle Time Zone where we practice our: 
  • Alphabet (recognition and phonetics)
  • Whole Body Listening Skills
  • Calendar (Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Day Count and the Year) 
  • George, our Weather Friend
  • Days in School (counting by ones, tens and hundreds and addition)
  • Pre-K Scholars Letter of the Week Clue Cards
  • Letter of the Week Books
  • Site Words
  • Songs and Stories
  • Apple Technology 

We celebrate a different Letter every week.  
Our centers reflect our Letter and Phonetics. 
Below is a sneak peek into our Learning Wonderland!
Happy Learning! 

The Letter Ii

 The Letter Cc

The Letter Ll

We hope we have inspired you!  Please check out our posts for our most recent learning, creativity and inspiration!  

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