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Hi!  My name is Kristin!  I am a blessed MOMMY to two beautiful, amazing girls and also lucky to be the WIFE to the sweetest man on the planet!  We have learned to live life to the fullest and to THANK GOD every day for each and every one of our blessings!  

I was born and raised in San Jose, CA, and have spent the latter half of my life working with children. I spent nine years working with preschoolers, both in a directorial and teaching capacity. I graduated with my B.A. in Child Development from San Jose State University in 2000, and during my senior year internship, I had the pleasure of assisting a teacher in a kindergarten classroom. Upon graduation, I was lucky enough to land my first teaching job as a fifth grade instructor to a group of wonderful children. I learned an immense amount from them, as they from me. My teaching position ended in June of 2001 when my fiancée and I relocated to Folsom, where we purchased our first home. We married in August of 2003, and again I was lucky to be able to teach a wonderful Kindergarten class in Roseville. My position ended when we happily welcomed our first child on August 16, 2004. We moved to El Dorado Hills in 2005 and I decided to open Lil' Scholars. I love teaching and it is a wonderful way to apply my educational, professional, and personal experiences. It is also a great opportunity to be a part of our community in both a professional and personal capacity. I am excited about meeting new families and enriching young children's lives. Lil' Scholars University is my passion and I absolutely love watching it grow!

Lil' Scholars University is a Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten Program located in El Dorado Hills, CA. Our main goal for each one of our Lil' Scholars is that they may grow with a true love for learning and the confidence that they need to succeed.  LSU's curriculum is created and based around our many years of experience and education. Our thematic units are covered through a variety of skills and topics in unique and interesting ways designed especially with each unique learning style in mind. With our age-appropriate curriculum, based around hands-on learning, children are encouraged to explore and learn through their own work and play. As we combine our subjects, our classrooms evolve into our exciting learning wonderland!

Lil' Scholars University's Blog has been created as an interactive curriculum where we inspire lifetime learning! We are excited to share our ideas and thoughts with you; helping to create a world of inspired learners! 

Happy Learning! 
Lil' Scholars University


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