Firetrucks for Pre-K (TLC inspired)

It is F week @ LSU and we are cutting shapes
and gluing to build us FIretrucks!
(needed: 11x9 blue; 3x9 red; 1.5x3 red; 2x4 black; 12x.5 yellow; 4x.25 yellow)
1st we shook our 3x9 red rectangle and glued it across our paper.
  Then we took our 1.5x3 folded in half to create a square and cut out the center with an L shape and glued it on.
Next, we took our 2x4 black rectangle and folded it in half to create a square.  We cut the corners and gave it a baby haircut to form a circle. We glued on our wheels.
 Then we took our 12x.5 yellow and folded it half cutting off the seam.  We magically had 2 rectangles that were 6x.5 for the top and bottom of the long ladder.
 We glued on our ladder.
 Finally, we cut our 4x.25 rectangle into 4 pieces and glued creating the steps of our ladder.
And here is our FIRETRUCK!
LSU's ABC Pre-K Book 2011

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