LSU's Speech for Pre-K Graduation

Good evening parents and Lil’ Scholars. We are very honored to have the privilege of speaking in front of you today. Just like the butterflies we nurtured and raised here in class, when it was their time we needed to let them go and fly.  With such emotion, this day has come for us.  As we let each of our Lil’ Scholars go, our hearts fill with warmth and love and our eyes with tears. 

Today we part ways and we thank you, parents, for entrusting us to care for, love, nurture, teach and most important inspire a true love for learning!  There is nothing better than to see these lil’ ones come to class with smiles and excitement for what we will be learning in class or watching them walk you by the hand around our learning wonderland showing off all of their masterpieces. 

We give our Lil’ Scholars back to you today, reluctantly, pounds heavier inches taller, & months wiser.   It has been such an honor and privilege to watch their personalities unfold day by day and marvel at this splendid miracle of development.  We have grown so close and built such a bond as we have laughed, loved, played, worked, learned and enriched our lives together!  We wish this could go on indefinitely, but we give them back to you now, as we must.  Please let this day not be a goodbye but yet a moment in time as we watch them continue on this journey of life!  

To our Lil’ Scholars, everyday is an opportunity to LEARN and EXPLORE NEW THINGS. You may learn from your parents and teachers but we also LEARN FROM YOU. Always remember you will never be forgotten!  As you each prepare to move into Kindergarten, we want to say Congratulations to a wonderful year and we thank you!!


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